Start Somewhere, Now

Start Somewhere, Now

That’s what I just told myself right before writing these lines.

I have a hard time starting things off. I never feel like I’m prepared enough. And even if I do start something, I must still carry on doing it consistently, dilligently, responsibly.

Maybe it’s like that episode where Chandler and Monica had their first fight and Chandler was about to gave up on the relationship before Monica, wisely, said: “Welcome to an adult relationship”. You just gotta do, and commit.

So back to the topic at hand. Yes, start somewhere, Now, but please, also dedicate time to know what you’re going to do next! Be your Ship AND your Captain.

Today I’m looking ways to create income online, other than my usual techniques.

(I was about to start this sentence with “definitely”, but we know that that word spoils whatever comes after it) The first one is blogging, and it’s starting right now.

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