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Gero Silva Pereira | Full-stack Creative

I help professionals build a remarkable personal brand

Take a step towards your next, improved stage. One [free] call away.

Brand diagnosis

It all starts with a call. With a clear idea of who you are and your Goals, we get to work on an action roadmap.

Creative solutions

A unique path requires a unique set of tools, namely Branding, Design, Writing, & Business Strategy

At your own pace

99% of entrepreneurs come from a 9-5. We work on simple systems that help you leverage as much work as possible.

I’m passionate about helping other people and projects exploit their innate capacities and reach higher levels.

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What my clients say

Who is Gero
Silva Pereira

I’m a full-stack creative passionate about independent creative work and helping others succeed through their personal brands.

I help digital professionals & aspiring entrepreneurs develop their brand and achieve their goals by leveraging Branding, Writing, & 1:1 consultations.

Currently on a journey to $2.5K/mo in Q1~Q2 2024.

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Who is Gero Silva Pereira

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