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Forget About Consistency — 5 Ideas to Find Your Groove

Forget about consistency.

Focus on finding your groove.

Consistency is a byproduct of this process.

Making meaningful progress in any area of your life is all about finding your groove:

· Your fitness & health

· The quality & enjoyment of your work

· Looking after yourself, your house, & your environment

The better you are in tune with yourself, the easier it is to be consistent at whatever you’re tuned into

—and the better you do it.

Based on my consistent struggle with consistency, here are 5 ideas on Finding your Groove:

1. When you’re thriving, observe your thoughts & feelings and what’s enabling them

—you’re most likely tapping into your groove.

How you can transfer them to aspects where you struggle?

2. Show up & Do the work.

Experience is needed to dial-in to your own rhythm.

3. Treat yourself as a lab

Make experiments. Test things out. Scrap what doesn’t work. Learn more about what does and iterate from there.

There are things you are yet to learn about. 

Be open to investing in what makes you grow—it will pay itself back.

4. Listen to your Self

Are you anxious? Are you confident? Are you motivated? Are you lost?

Your thoughts and feelings are your inner compass.

Read the signs to lead yourself toward a virtuous, groovy place.

5. Be open to change and adaptation

There are things outside your control, and they WILL happen.

Accept today that some weeks will be better than others, and vice-versa.

Some days, consistency will be more about getting back up than knocking things out.

For the longest time, I mistook “being consistent” with “intense daily grinding and forcing my way to a given end goal”.

Yes, showing up builds consistency—but showing up ‘just because’ can also wear you down fast.

Jon Brosio says his ‘damn-near exceptional consistency’ is key to solo business success, and I couldn’t agree more.

That being said, it’s clear to me he found his groove along the way and engaged in a virtuous spiral of:

Doing work ♻️ finding groove ♻️ cultivating consistency

I bet even he sucked at it when he started.

But I’m 97% sure that finding his groove was a major factor to keep showing up. (Sorry if you actually didn’t suck, Jon. I’m just trying to make a point)

Consistency comes time after you show up and do the work.

Finding your groove is how you do what you do every day.

Focus on finding your groove

That’s all I got for today.

Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate it.

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Stay groovy,